Return policy

  1. PalMarket website terms of Use and agreed terms of purchase

1.1 The offer, use and purchase on the PalMarket website is subject to all provisions of the regulations and the provisions of any law.

1.2 the user of the site hereby confirms that he has read the provisions of the regulations and agrees to them and undertakes to act accordingly.

1.3 PalMarket May, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, from time to time change the terms of these terms and conditions in whole or in part and any other document governing the terms of the contract between and between its customers.

1.4 Use language to note when writing these rules, is for convenience purposes only and all therein, dedicated to both women and men. Must read what is being said in one language the plural and vice versa.

1.5 the headings in these terms and conditions are not binding or exhaustive and are for your convenience only.

1.6 it is clear that all the terms contained in these regulations are subject to all customary laws, including consumer protection law 5741 1981 regulations.

1.7 it is clear that if in the future the competent authority determines that a section of these regulations does not comply with one of the provisions of any law, this will have no effect on the legal matters of the other sections of these-laws.

  1. Conditions of purchase on the site

2.1 purchase process

2.1.1 the purchase process begins with a mouse click on the "buy" or "add to cart" tab, which will redirect to a form to fill out the user's personal details, including credit card details, confirm the reading and agreement  to what is provided for in these regulations. To ensure that the purchase is made efficiently and without glitches, care must be taken to provide all the details required in the form of filling out personal information accurately. If incorrect details are provided when making a purchase, it is not guaranteed that the products and/or services will reach their destination or be given to the user.

2.1.2 upon completion of the transaction described in this section and will also send to the user an email confirming the completion of the purchase process.

The products and / or services will be delivered directly by the supplier, in accordance with the predetermined details, unless otherwise agreed between the supplier and the company.

2.1.3 the quantity of products offered for sale is not fixed and may vary from product to product, without the obligation of the company and / or supplier to explain it. In case the quantity of products is limited, the purchase will be made by users on a first come, first served basis.

2.2 prices

2.2.1 prices on the website include VAT, unless otherwise stated. For the avoidance of doubt, unless expressly stated otherwise, the prices displayed on the Website do not include shipping charges.

2.2.2 the company may update the prices of the products or services on the website and/ or delivery rates from time to time without prior notice and updates will be published on the website. A valid price in relation to a purchase made is the price that appeared on the website upon completion of the purchase and upon receipt of confirmation of completion of the purchase by email by the user. If it has been updated price of any product or service on-site before the completion of the purchase the user understands that it will be charged according to the price updated

2.2.3 the site and/ or the company and/or the supplier do not warrant that the prices of products / services advertised on the site by suppliers are the cheapest.

  1. Cancellation and return

** If you receive a product that does not comply with your wishes or have received defective products (not damaged due to use), you can replace it with a product a plain or return of the abolition of purchase in a few simple steps. So we can deal with your request, Please note the following salient points:

The product can be returned within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

To avoid inconvenience, please make sure the product is damaged as a result of Use and non-use of any type (it is clarified that the conduction of electricity, gas and water will be considered used) to return the product in its original packaging.

When you return the product, please make sure the product is returned complete with all the accessories that come with the product.

3.1. the user may cancel a transaction for the purchase of goods and / or services carried out by the site only in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. This section summarizes the rules for return and cancellations, which are subject to all provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. In any situation of conflict and / or inconsistency between what is listed in this section below and the provisions of the consumer protection law, prevail over the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

3.2 how to cancel a transaction

3.2.1. The transaction is cancelled by sending a cancellation notice in one of the following ways ("cancellation message/notice"):

(A) by e-mail to

(B) contact the website customer service directly by sending a message from the Website User Account

(C) direct contact with onsite customer service at the call centre, details of which appear on 026735606

3.2.2 cancellation message/notice will be sent from the website customer service in parallel with the respective provider.

3.3. Cancellation terms and conditions

Any user may cancel a transaction , for any reason, on the following dates and conditions:

3.3.1 in the purchase of goods - from the date of the transaction until fourteen days from the date of receipt of the goods, or from the date of receipt of the document containing the details listed in Section 14 C (B) of the Consumer Protection Act (whichever is later).

3.4. Transactions that cannot be canceled

The provisions of Section 3.2.1 above do not apply to the following transactions:

3.4.1 transactions for the purchase of goods that lose their value or goods that cannot be resold to other customers

3.4.2. Transactions for obtaining information as defined in the computer act, 1995-1995

3.4.3. Transactions for the purchase of goods after which the goods were manufactured / made specifically for the user

3.4.4. Transactions of purchase of goods that can be recorded or copied, for which the user opens their original packaging.

3.5 results of cancellation of the transaction

3.5.1. Cancellation due to defect or mismatch

If the user cancels a transaction under Section 3.2.1 above because of a defect in the goods purchased, or because of a discrepancy between the goods (or service) purchased and the details provided to him under sections 14A (A) and (B) or 14C (A) and (B) of the Consumer Protection Act , or because the goods or service purchased:

(A) within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, the company will refund the user the same portion of the transaction price paid by the user, cancel the user's transaction fees and provide the user with a copy of the cancellation notice of such fees and will not charge the user Any cancellation fees.

(B) if the user receives the goods he has purchased, he must make them available to the company at the place where the goods were delivered and notify the company, the same applies to any goods received by the user after the execution of the transaction.

3.5.2. Cancellation is not due to defect or non-conformity

If a user cancels a transaction under Section 3.2.1 above, other than the reasons listed in Section 3.5.1 above (defect or non-compliance), the following provisions will apply:

(A) the Company shall return to the user, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the cancellation notice, the same portion of the transaction price paid by the user when the user fees are cancelled due to the transaction and be given a copy of the notice regarding the cancellation of said fees. The user will not be charged any money, other than cancellation fees (as long as the company decides to charge) at a rate not exceeding 5% of the price of the goods he purchased, or 100 shekels, whichever is lower.

In this section, "cancellation fees" - including expenses or obligations due to shipping, packaging, or any other expense or obligation that the company claims to have incurred or pledged due to entering into the transaction, or due to its cancellation.

(B) if the user has received the goods which he has bought, then returned to the east instead of the page, the same thing applies to any goods received by the user as a result of the transaction.

3.5.3. Without derogating from the provisions of articles 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 above, if the user cancels the transaction level (as defined in the consumer protection law) as mentioned in Section 3.3 above, which began by providing the services, the user will enter the corresponding relative to the service provided.

3.5.4. If a representative on behalf of the company installed the goods in the user's home for the purpose of providing service in accordance with the transaction, the company has the right to charge the user a fee for installation costs, in an amount not exceeding 100 shekels.

3.6 cancellation of the transaction by the site

Despite the above, the company may cancel the transaction, including, but not limited to, the following:

3.6.1 the user has committed an unlawful act and / or violated the provisions of the law

3.6.2 the user has violated any of these terms of use

3.6.3 the user intentionally provided, when registering on the site and / or thereafter, misleading personal information

3.6.4 in the event of an act or omission by the user that may harm the company and / or any person on its behalf and / or the proper operation of the site, advertisers and / or any third party

3.6.5 if the product description contains an exceptional and apparent clerical error in the price of the product or in the product description and is a technical or human error made in good faith

3.6.6 in case of force majeure, including an epidemic and / or a security incident that prevents the company from knowing the execution of the transaction or the supply of the product

The cancellation notice will be delivered to the customer by phone and / or in writing to the email address provided during the order.