About us

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How many times have we dreamed, wished, and desired something, but the effort and pain of going to civilization has prevented us, how many old things that we no longer need may please others, and how many wished we had Santa Claus a reality that brings us what we love while we are in our homes drawing our dreams. So we created (PalMarket) and it is

A Palestinian electronic marketplace in which the merchant who owns the (commodity), whether it is an existing interest or an independent person, displays its products, and the customer purchases them by credit card or cash payment freely and safely

Shooooo, you forget to open a shop and light us, and you are welcome with us on the family

Shopping: here means fun as we convey to you the noise of the malls, the abundance of their stores, the atmosphere of the markets and their hustle and the beauty of the products and their splendor here in your pocket and on the screen of your phone, we offer you the fun and the real experience of the market, but inside your device, here in the market we may gather you with what you sell does not sell a product only but rather our tenderness Also, we may group you with a seller in places that you have not heard of before, because shopping with us is no longer limited to a place.

Purchasing: We are here at (Palmarket) keeping up with the world, bringing you everything that is modern to make it easier for you. We bring payment by credit card and also, traditional things are indispensable. We also provide payment upon receipt and also provide the latest things and the best designs in order to provide the seller for you Not much effort.